Aperture limitations on a Rebel?


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Apr 28, 2009
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I've been shooting with my g/f's Digital Rebel, and I have that 28-135 USM IS Canon lens on it. The body of the lens says that it has an aperture of f/3.6, but even zoomed all the way out, I can only get it to f/4. Why is this?
The max aperture is F3.5, only at the widest end of the zoom (28mm). As you zoom the lens, the max aperture becomes smaller...eventually getting to F5.6 at 135mm.

If it's showing a max of F4, even when set at 28mm...then there might be a glitch somewhere.
The camera body has nothing to do with the aperture setting limits. It's the lens.
Okay, but when I zoom out to 28, and I spin the wheel, the lowest number the display will show is 4.0.
As Big_Mike said, its based off of the lens. So if it says 3.5 - 4.5, you should be able to hit the 3.5 at the widest aperture.

What mode are you shooting in? I'm thinking you might be in some programmed mode that is doing its metering and not letting you go wider.

Try setting the camera in M (manual), make sure you are at the widest focal range (28mm). This should allow you to get to 3.5.

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