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Aug 11, 2007
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I'm thinking of getting aperture but have a question about how the program manages files. I know with lightroom you can either import all your pics into a lightroom library or you can choose to keep all your photos in different files all over your hard drive and lightroom will still see them. Can Aperture handle files in the same way? I really don't like storing all my pics in a programs specific library. I'm doing that now in iphoto and it makes me nervous.

I wouldn't be asking this question if I could demo aperture but a a demo came with my new mpb and I didn't bother looking at it until after owning it for more than a month and now it says my demo has expired.!!
Aperture works much like iPhoto, in that it lets you decide on if you want to import your photos using Aperture or not. You can also export into any folder you decide on.

Why not try to download another trial version. You may have to make sure you delete the trial you have though first. The trial download link is here >>>>>>
I already tried to get another trial it didn't work.

iphoto needs photos to be imported to see them. If it's not in the iphoto library it doesn't exist.

Is Aperture the same?

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