April Interview with a Mod: Meet Terri!


have kiwi, will travel...
Sep 8, 2003
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Terri has been one of the most influential members of ThePhotoForum since she joined in September of 2003. Terri has inspired many on this board with her down to earth and fun approach to photography. ThePhotoForum has recently caught up with this captivating persona to get her views on life and photography... read more about terri

Excellent interview. What a cool read.
Thanks Terri, and Vonnagy.
vonnagy said:
btw... terri is a babe :mrgreen:
ewww... :roll: I suppose I should be grateful you didn't say "hottie".

Thanks guys, and let ME be the one to remind everyone to please check out our new front page, where we will be rolling out articles, interviews like the one here, and other fun stuff as we can think of it. :lol:

We're always looking for new articles, so if there is anything photography-related you'd like to write about, fire away!
GREAT! I was gonna reply to the thread to say more interviews would be a nice addition, but see from Terri's thread that it's already been taken care of.
Thanks Vonnagy and Terri, very neat interview, I am honored to be mentioned here!

There are a few people who are the heart and soul to this forum, and no doubt you are in this group Terri, thanks for everything you have done.
awesome interview! thanks you both :)
Very cool interview... maybe stick a chuck away post in OT normal, cos I never spot things at the top?! Could just be me!

great interview, Markus! and Terri!
ah, and Terri - thank you, its so nice to know that someones appreciates your work...really -:) ...your work is also a great inspiration for me too!

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