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Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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Hey everyone!

So I got out to the Arboretum again today with the 55-250 and decided to try shooting some birds. While I didn't quite get any shots I was especially proud of, I did get a couple "decent" ones, so I thought I would post them up! CC is appreciated!

P.S: If you know what type of birds they are, feel free to include names with your CC ;)

1. This guy was so skittish I couldn't get any better angle on him, beautiful bird! (Egret)

2. Not a fan of the composition, but I just liked how this guy was hopping around.

3. My favorite photo of the day!
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Hey Toga, it has been a tuff crowd all weekend, with it being a long weekend I bet many were probably away/busy also :)

Nice birds! Good job catching the light in their eyes, I think that a revisit to Photoshop is in order though. They all look just a smidge over exposed to me. When you over expose a bird shot you loose soooo much detail in the feathers and it flattens the image out.

The last one is my favourite also so I grabbed it and did this 5 minute edit. I turned down the brightness, upped the contrast and upped the saturation all a very small amount... just my take on the shot and food for thought :)



Hey! Yeah I suspected as much, but the 60+ views and no comments was a bit disconcerting :lol:

As for the edit, I agree that it does pick up more detail! I was having a hard time on what to do since it was a yellow bird, with yellow flowers, on a not too colorful background. I'll give it a try in post today and post my results as well.

Thanks for the CC PixelRabbit! ;)

We all think and look at things differently but I can assure you I have posted more than one image on this forum that has received zero comments. But I will never beg for a comment. If people feel like commenting or feel like not commenting that is their prerogative. I'm not looking for an argument just saying that seeming to beg for a comment is demeaning. At least in my eyes it. Don't know how others feel.

Well, I gave it a bit of post, and this is where I'm at. Still can't quite decide on the exposure. I did my best to get rid of the "yellowness" in the background to help the bird and flowers stand out more.




I just saw the two next to one another for the first time, and my god is there a difference. I can't stand the look of the first one now, its looks like it was shot through some nasty yellow filter...

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