ARE these really essential kit?

They should be on Ebay or Amazon and are one of those products that gets rebranded a lot (basically single factory outsources the branding to whoever wants their name stamped on one). They all come with the magnifying glass attachment, but it will detach from the setup without any worries.

Personally though I think the claws are a bit strong for flowers and other natural subjects - if the object is cut already (like in the example) that is fine, but otherwise the claws will cause damage to delicate plants if you want to leave things as they were when you arrive.
They're roach clips attached to something. You can find gator clips like that anywhere. That's just an example of one "third hand." it works for that particular type of shot, but there will be MANY kids of "third hands" to use. A light stand with a justin clamp mounted on it, a gorilla pod with something like you have seen there mounted on it... your imagination is the only limit there.
It's not literally that thing.
does anyone use one of these?...... .




I got mine at a hobby store (RC planes, cars, etc.) Woodworking & craft stores sell them too. They're called "Third Hands" 'round these parts.

.......They all come with the magnifying glass attachment, ........

Mine didn't.
This store has them cheap. There's a ton of stuff at Harbor Freight that make good studio accessories.

Helping Hands
Want cheap? Buy a 3 foot piece of 12 gauge solid wire. Pick up some alligator clips for 12 gauge wire. Either crimp a clip to the wire (or solder them) on one end. Bend the first 24" of the wire into a triangle, 8" on a side. Bend that (the base) to where it is perpendicular to the upright. Then bend the top of the upright to where it leans toward the flat of the triangle.. just past the center of it.

There you go...

Depending on how much the clips cost you.. this shouldn't be more than two or three dollars. It is infinitely adjustable too. Need something heavier that will handle more weight? Buy some larger diameter wire...

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