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Mar 2, 2009
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South East Michigan
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well the other day i went walkaing around my backyard taking some macro shots and trying new things.

let me know what you think.:D

1. pine tree

2. Bleeding hearts. im upset about the leaf in the foreground but tell me what you think.

3. this is really just a snapshot. i thought the sky looked really cool but didnt really have a way to include it in a picture.

all straight from the camera besides a crop on number 1.
1. The DOF is nice, but softer lighting may have been nicer here.

2. Something doesn't look right with the saturation. Maybe push the contrast a bit.

3. A pretty boring sky shot here. Good sky shots typically have a lot of color, nice definition in the cloud details and a good range of dark and light areas. This one is pretty monotone as far as color goes and there is little/no contrast.

Hope this doesn't come off as harsh, but the results straight from the camera can often need some work. Using post processing to push your photos a bit can add that extra pop and make them stronger.
2. Looks a bit on the cool side. If a little unsure about what WB setting to use, shoot in RAW (if you didnt already). Then, post processing will be much less frustrating.

3. With sky shots, it's tough to make a sky stand on it's own. You have to add some other sort of visual element in the foreground (beyond just the tree tops). That is not to say it cannot be the focal point.

Also, how did you get that black background in #1? Makes the subject stand out, which is great for Macro! Keep practicing and good luck :)
yea like i said i really thought the sky was cool but didnt have a way to include it in a picture.

and to get the black background i used the flash.(by accident actually)
it is a small pine tree so the shot was angled down towards the grass. it was getting dark and i didnt realize the flash was on but then i saw the cool shot.

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