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Nov 11, 2022
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Hi all,

I'm using canon 700d since 2016, currently paired with sigma 18-35.

I mostly take landscape, travel and family photos (hobby).

I plan to also do video, handheld.

I was thinking about upgrading and I could use some advice.

Reasons to upgrade:
1. Want to be able to shoot video aswell
2. Faster and better eye focusing for portraits
3. Better low light perforemance
4. Better dynamic range

The current options I saw are
1. Sony a7 iii
2. Nikon z6 ii
3. Canon r
4. Canon eos R6

I would like to pair a 24-70 glass with it.

I really struggle with this decision

I really like sony a7 iii price & 3rd party lens price and its overall perforemance but as I understand and see, the skin tones are a downgrade from the 700d that I own today?...

The nikon as I understand has the worst focus system of the above and im also afraid that they will be gone soon so Investment in their mount might not be the best idea.
Also, not sure about its color science? What is the general opinion about the skin tones there?

Canon - there are 2 issues here
1. There wont be and 3rd party lens for the RF so the lens gonna cost a lot, including increased price of the body.
I can perhaps buy the 24-70 ef L lenses and use an adapter but not sure if I should?...

The eos R, unlike the R6, has some strange color science as can be seen in the following link:

Eos r also has no ibis

Which would you suggest me buying?
An option which is not listed might also be interesting.


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