Arthur Morris @ Ft. De Soto


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Feb 15, 2019
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Central Florida (Ruskin area)
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Late yesterday afternoon, near sunset, I was on North Beach when a group of photographers came walking into the area I was in. The guy leading the group was the famous photographer, Arthur Morris. He didn't hesitate to sit down in the mud and get busy, gotta admire that. Had a few words and left him alone to his work. Was a pleasure meeting him in person for he taught me a great deal in his videos. I didn't get a chance to thank him for that, oh well. If you're reading this, Mr. Morris, thank you for all you've done and I hope you got some nice shots in! 😁

It was overcast so I only managed one 'halfway' decent pic and I used a creative filter to help it a tad.


A couple of shots of Arthur Morris on North Beach @ Ft. De Soto.

Nice one. I've seen a few of his vids on Youtube too.
Never heard of this guy, he looks like a real character......
He uses a huge lens- I can go with that as I do too :)

I'll check him out - thanks for posting

Les :)

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