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    Hey everyone,
    I think the only person I've told so far is LaFoto, but I am going on a mission trip with my church to Germany this June for two weeks.(User Scotlynnd will also be going with me)
    We will have music/drama street ministry and we are also invited into the religious/English classes in the schools there.

    I have already raised $1000 through selling artwork and from donations(I've already paid for the plane ticket), but I need another $800 for the accommodations/food while I am there.(for two weeks)

    If you would like to help out you can buy some of my artwork prints or download it(if you would rather do that)

    Here are the four drawings(copies) I am selling:





    They are sized for an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper(all high quality HP Matte 52 lb photo paper)
    Or if you would rather download the full size picture you can do that.

    The prices are:
    $15 for prints
    $10 for download

    If you want to ask more questions you can either post here or email me Email

    The prints are professional quality and are printed at 600 dpi

    I also have the originals for sale if you want to buy those.(email me for prices)

    Thanks everyone!
    If you have any questions please ask! :)


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