Asian Bridal 2


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Jun 27, 2015
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Comments welcome regarding photography, not interested in opinions about whether people would wear the jewellry or not. Shot for a fantastic jewelery designer and mua.

Please note the images were for an Asian bridal campaign (4 looks) in its nature this look calls for heavy makeup. I have included a closeup bellow for those that are interested in seeing the retouch in more detail.



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One light? These are beautiful.
Hey thanks man. One deep octa above pointing down on camera axis close to the model maybe a foot away with a white reflector sat or her lap. Simple clam shell.

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My wife does Bollywood dancing so we visit Indian stores often. This is definitely the Indian advertising look. You got this spot on!
... And my wife would fight elephants, tigers and skunks with her bare hands to get that jewellery!
Very nice shots! Gorgeous!

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So are those glass, or the really deal?
These are really great looking, but the funny thing is I really love the last closeup! I know you only posted it for editing info, but that crop really works for me! :)
These are amazing! I feel awkward in even saying this because they're fantastic, but the very first shot could use the smallest amount of room above her hair, and the bottom is cut off right at the elbow joint. Just something to think about.
I have nothing constructive to add because these images are simply stunning. No improvements needed at all.
Really REALLY nice work!

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