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Jun 13, 2010
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Can someone direct me to a few names or links of affordable (as cheap as I can get without wasting money) hotshoe flashes for my camera as well as a reflector kit (stand and reflector)?

I need help because I'm still confused on what to get that will work the best with my camera. I don't mind buying off brands or used as long as I'm not getting screwed.

Thanks ahead for your help.
I use Sunpak pz42x flashes. They are about $150 but have a 3 second recycle with full batteries and full bounce/tilt capabilities. They also have a fairly decent guide number rating and a built in diffuser. I like them a lot. They probably arent built as durable as the Canon flashes, but I don't abuse my equipment.

Here is a reflector stand and holder set thats a pretty good size. You can go cheaper if you only need a smaller one. Just look on Amazon.
[ame=] DMKFoto 5 in 1 Photo Studio Panel with Holder and Stand Complete System: Electronics[/ame]
Awesome. I am SUCH a dork. I did a search for a Sunpak Canon Flash on Ebay. Saw one for $39.00 Satifaction Guaranteed with a high rating. I bought it!


It's not the one you said. It's a Sunpak MZ440AF NE for NIKON

Yep, it was -that- big and I missed it. (FOR NIKON) DOH!

I've contacted the seller to see if he'll excuse my dumbassedness. >.<

If not, does anyone know if it will work on a Canon?
HAHA, that sucks. The cheapest new one I see on ebay is like $169. BHphoto has them cheaper but they are temporarily out of stock. They are $163 new on Amazon.
I don't' have a very specific date that I need it by, I was just hoping to get it and start practicing with it. I was just excited to find one so cheap. Lord, I'm a freakin' dork. I know this. :lol:
Awesome, the very nice Ebay guy is going to excuse my dumbassedness and save me $50 that I would have just thrown out the window. >.<
You're looking for TTL I assume? Because if you just want manuals I've heard good things about vivitar flashes.
Hey, I tried PMing you back twice and it isn't working I don't think.....they don't show up in my sent folder.
Eh, I sent you two messages. Did you get those? I got yours.

Yes, Ben, I'm looking for something that is not so ... manual as my first flash.

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