August Theme: "Transportation"

Discussion in 'The Photo Challenge' started by TwistMyArm, Aug 1, 2004.

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    Hey folks, the August Photo Challenge is going to be "Transportation". Can't wait to see everyone's take on this. Good luck to all!

    As always the winner of this month's challenge will get User Gallery web space courtesy of Chase.

    The deadline for submissions is August 31st.
    You can email your photo to
    We ask each member to keep their photo anonymous (no distinguishing watermarks, and no photos that have been posted previously on the forum), to include their forum username when submitting, and to submit no more then one photo.
    Please ensure that the submitted photo is in the form of a jpeg image and no larger than 70k. Images that are way over size will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that in order to keep things organized we may choose to include only the 20 best photos submitted. We would love to be able to include all submitted photos, but it's not always possible.

    Good luck to everyone and have fun!


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