Aunsby church


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Feb 16, 2006
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I've dabbled a bit with HDR, but never been a real convert. This is probably the shot I've done that I'm most satisfied with. It was taken last autumn and shows the church of St Thomas A Becket, Aunsby, Lincolnshire, a miniature medieval masterpiece.


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i like it alot. good use of HDR witout going overboard with it
That shot is amazing. I love the hint of the green leaves to accent the sand color in the stone. Beautiful!
Thanks Giant Dave, Darrell & Bully. I'm not a big fan of HDR, but I give it a try now and then. The "hyper-real" glowing approach to HDR is OK as a "now and again thing" in my book, but it can (and is) overdone. Here I just wanted to extend the range a touch.

Regards, Tony
Well you did a great job, thank you for sharing it.
Another great shot. Love the lighting, and the fact you didn't 'overdo' the HDR.
BTW how do you shoot in HDR?
Is that playing with the ISO's or?????
Thanks Antarctican & Bully. The idea is to shoot 3 shots (usually bracketed) with a negative EV, zero EV, and a positive EV, then blend the three shots manually (or using a software package designed for the purpose) to extract the highlight detail from the first shot the shadow detail from the third shot, and the rest from the middle shot. This gives the image a wider dynamic range than is possible from one shot. Or something like that :wink:.

Regards, Tony

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