Auto Zoom and Focus on remote?


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Jun 6, 2013
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I was wondering if they make a camera that will auto zoom and focus on items with a remote button push?
I will be placing small components into a white tent with a camera on a tripod. I am hoping to find a camera that can detect them and not only auto focus but also auto zoom if needed on the item when I press the trigger button on a remote.
I am trying to take many quality pictures quickly and I think this would be the best solution. I just need a camera that can do this.
Would need to have these functions plus the remote.
Can this be done? Or how close can I get? Any suggestions on the correct camera?
Why can't you zoom and focus using the camera?
Unless there is a camera that can read your mind and zoom in or out to the level you prefer.
I thinks we skeert 'im away.
1. Can you get someone else to place the items in the tent? (Removing the previous item, quickly placing the new item in the tent, waiting for the picture, and performing this quick exchange while placing the photographed items in the "finished" pile, and bringing the new items in as required)

2. Sort the items according to size, then "pre zoom" for each new size, fire the camera remotely. When changing sizes, adjust the zoom for the new size. Repeat as necessary.

3. Get several flashes so you can change them out when they begin to get warm, so as to not cause a flash to overheat.

4. Instead of buying a camera (that is probably not actually available) hire the photography done, and let the photographer worry about how long the project might take.

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