Autumn in the sky


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Jul 21, 2003
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Praktica L

Oh wow. I love it. It looks like two different exposure settings. with the sun being less and the sky above being more... how did you do that? I really like that picuture.
I just catch the moment like it is. 8/250
Actually the original photo is better because scanner is not so good in scaning. Thanks for compliments
I will put them on my web place on fortunecity. It is maybe this photo uploading web sites have limitations or else
I can't see the picture either

To be honest, I can't see 9 out of 10 pics posted here.

Mostly because the sitehost doesn't allowed external viewing
or because the daily limit has expired

it fits the miss saigon theme :lol:
veryvery beautiful!!!
Great photo. Hiram mentioned Miss Siagon. Right on the money.
I would be inclined to crop off the top portion where you see an empty space top left. It will help even the photo out a bit and also remove the empty distraction. There is a lot of sky there. If you have access to a noise reduction program that would help immensly.

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