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Aug 17, 2010
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Indianola, Iowa
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Well where to start.... I am a novice with no true formal training, not that I wouldn’t want to be just lack of time and energy.
When I was in high school I found that I have a great eye for art and can create some beautiful pictures and even collected a few awards but now I sit here and my skills have not improved and my great work at 16 is not as impressive at 22.

My journey back to the arts started with my second child, I talked my husband into investing in some supplies to be able to photograph my our children and not have to pay someone to do it. Although I don’t create GREAT pictures I feel I do an ok job, but I would like to be GREAT. My friends and family have confidence in me however I am lacking in that department I see what others produce and hope to hone my skills like they have!

So I’m joining in hopes to get some tips and tricks because my best shots are more artistic and less portrait I don’t work so well with posing and lighting I’m use to working with a single light source and inanimate objects to convey feelings. I prefer a more natural look to overly posed portrait photography so I’m looking to find balance and any C & C would be GREAT!

Post images ... and you will get C&C.

You need to change your subject focus.
Remember what it was that caught your attention ... those things are still there.
I’m a little intimidated to say the least… but ill try to find one of my favorites!




dont tear me apart to bad!
1. Not bad ... I don't like the trees on the left, as they don't have a soft light like the rest of the scene.
2. I am not into portraits, so I cannot comment much except to mention the top corners.
3. Interesting. The angle is very distracting. I think you could do more with the subject. Could be darker.
4. Nice candid shot ... except for the sitting people in the background.

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