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Nov 17, 2009
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A lady called me up last weekend to shoot a weekend on Sunday. I knew it was going to be a small wedding so I said sure and we set up a schedule. She called me back a few days later and asked if we can just to pre-ceremony portraits and ignore everything else. Both her and the groom have been married before and really just wanted some nice pictures of them together. Not having to stress over the ceremony and post-ceremony events I was excited to get out there. I'm really happy how these shots turned out. I've been shooting with the anticipation of converting to B&W lately. What are your thoughts on these?




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Pretty good, nice and sharp. Nice to see someone who can focus around here.. :cheers:
Overall I like them. Interesting that he has no wedding ring in #1, but has it in #3. For "Wedding" pictures, you would think he would be wearing it the whole time.

Image 1 and 2 are my favorites compositionally.

Not that I can really give much critique, I will say that I love the natural feel to them, and that they look happy with each other.

I hope they liked them
They look good. I reccomend using black and white more conservstively, too much of it gets boring and takes away its cool factor.

My only critique is that in the second one it appears his face was the focus point. not always a bad thing, but generally its more important to keep the bride's in focus
Over all not - nice.
#1 - a bit to contrasty for my flavor
#2 - I'd use fill flash.
Thanks everyone for the feed back. I agree about being conservative on the B&W. Out of 170 photos I'm giving the couple, 12 are in B&W. The groom had forgotten I wasn't going to be around for the ceremony so after the first pose his bride reminded him to put it on ;-)

#1 does have a lot of contrast but I still like it for some reason. It's something I'll continue to think on though, thanks!

And I knew something was off about #2! It was the focus, thanks for that!

Thanks again everyone!
I would like to see at least one shot where they are both looking into the camera - - so you can see both of their faces.
Really lovely! I'd love to see some in color though!
How odd, I chose about two dozen of my top "favorites" and this is the only one where they are both looking at the camera lol.



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