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Feb 11, 2010
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New York
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B & H has a promotion they call Events. Vendors or a professional in a photographic discipline provide training. These Events occur on a weekly cycle, sometimes more often.

I attended 2 of these Events today, I was a little leary but decided to give it a go.
Both were excellent. One was NIK's HDR program, and the other was a 2 hour presentation on Photoshop for the beginner (that's me).
I learned more than I thought I would, and was happy to spend the time there.

In between the 2 Events, I went out and photographed a number of the streets in NYC. All in all a good day.

These Events are recorded and archived on their site.
Thank you. We're pleased you found the events you attended worthwhile. others here may want to know we have an Events section on our site. You can also follow the Events activity on Facebook and Twitter.

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