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Jun 13, 2015
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The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes. Every digital photographer and film photographer can participate in this weekly challenge with as many photos as desired. Feel free to enter the world of black & white photography!

Editing Special 1: SEPIA

First convert an old or new photo to black and white and then immerse yourself in the possibilities. Choose a 'standard' sepia tone that can be found in any editing program, or 'mix' your own sepia tone that matches the subject in your photo. Think for example of adding a tinted second layer to a standard black and white photo or merge a standard black and white photo with the same black and white photo in sepia tone. Please, show BOTH photos (with and without sepia toning) and tell us which editingprogram was used and how the result was achieved, so everyone can enjoy the effect.

Have fun!
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A mobile phone snap of the interior of a Vietnam War era ex South Vietnamese Army Huey as seen at a market in Bangkok last month. The original phone image was not very special, but with the old black and white look you can almost here the chop-chop-chop of the two blade rotor.


I went with a color original to a Lightroom Black & White conversion, to a Photoshop Sepia conversion.

1. The original

2. Black and White conversion.

3. Sepia conversion.
@Tropicalmemories @jcdeboever Looks good, by the way I discovered that I completely forgot to ask if everyone can mention how the sepia toning came about, so, which editing program and in which way. I think it's very interesting for everyone to learn more about technique used and creative possibilities.


Mine was all done on a Samsung Note 8 mobile phone. Original photo and the editing. I used Snapspeed and the phone's stylus to clone out the distracting background, the black and white conversion and the sepia tone. Then used Lightroom mobile for a bit of sharpening and to reduce the file size.
i do not think i have the exact editing capabilities you are asking for but trying ..
DSC_0029 (6).JPG
DSC_0029 (5).JPG
I did find this one which is somewhat close to Sepia
DSC_0029 (7).JPG


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I thought this shot of my daughter had a bit of a retro feel so I decided to give this a try. I converted to b&w using Snapseed then used one of the Noir filters to warm it up. I was surprised that neither iPhoto nor Snapseed have a Sepia filter! I was too comfy on the couch to go get my laptop and do this in LR.



(experimenting a bit, I think I'll take sepia toning in a wider sense during this challenge)
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The photo is an edited and mirrored image of a bridge in Amsterdam, converted to black and white, then made a transparent layer with a bit of brown-red color and placed over the photo.

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#1 added roughly 50% coloration (brown-red layer) to black and white photo

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#2 PaintNet original sepia coloring

Nowadays I actually only use PaintNet for this kind of thing, bought a new laptop last Monday and am thinking about adding PS again to the range of programs after quite a few years.
Searched through my files to find a shot that I once upon a time would have printed on warm paper. Original on Acros 100 in a 500C, sepia toning done by NIC Silver Efex along with some dodge and burn fiddles.

500C-4 009e2a copys.jpg

500C-4 009e2ts.jpg
I used Snapseed. When I took the picture, I was looking specifically to convert it. So, looked for somewhat high contrast. To get the sepia, I used the color curves feature of Snapseed. My first try was how I liked it, but then I wanted to push the sepia further. All three are below.

Flowers by Wade, on Flickr

Original sepia
Flowers by Wade, on Flickr

Final sepia
Flower (sepia) by Wade, on Flickr

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