B+W Contrast in the Karoo- Death in life


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Oct 13, 2010
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Some landscape from the Karoo. The region is very arid and not very colourfull. This was taken at the dam supplying the town with water
Any C+C welcome
Very nice; well executed. My only thoughts on this are, perhaps a very subtle curves adjustment to lighten up the branches just a little, and maybe considering shooting another image or two further right and creating a panoramic shot.
Thank you. My thoughts were the "death" as in dead tree, and dark left, versus "life" as in water and light on the other side, but you have a point, maybe the tree is just a bit to dark. That tree will not go anywhere soon, so when I get some time, I'll give it another go
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I really like this pic it kinda being a little sad yet pretty if that makes any sense
Very cool! I second the idea of a pano.
I really like the composition of this image... The right side is a tad blown out... other than that, nice!
Thank you all for your comments, and advice, I appreciate it

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