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Jun 11, 2013
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This photo was taken rather quickly, in a low lit hallway. Any advice, tips, suggestions welcomed please. I am using Lightroom 4 for editing. Thanks!!
Yes, one tip: Watch your focus! This would actually be quite a nice shot were it in focus; not sure if you missed focus (easy enough to do in dim lighting) or it's movement blur, but either way, it's soft enough to relegate it to the bit-bucket IMO.
I quite like it. You could embrace the softness, it's a photograph that I think can work pretty well with a lot of glow/diffusion heaped onto it.

Yes, the focus! It was a really fast shot! I am really loving the glow/diffusion effect on it though!! Perfect idea!! Just what I needed to give me another direction to go with this photo!

Thank you!!
More to the point, though, the WORST thing you can do with a soft photo is try to re-sharpen it. The result is always awful.

Sometimes there's a soft photo to be had, sometimes there ain't. What there definitely never is, is a sharp one!

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