Baby and mom osprey


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Dec 3, 2012
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Very nice, thanks for sharing. It looks like the youngsters are ready to fledge. That would be something to get pictures of.

It would be nice. I was video taping the whole time I was there just in case they did. I won't get there again till Friday.
Looking good, love seeing those orange eyes. Its funny, They haven't even hatched yet here in CT...
The photos are very interesting, but could be improved technically.

Just my opinion, but if you're going to leave a comment like this,you really need to expound on that. HOW could they be improved technically? What exactly is it that you see that is not technically correct about them?
I'm not suggesting these are masterpieces, but I'm just saying "general" negative feedback like that is not really helpful.

In addition, keep in mind, this is an Osprey nest--which means it isn't just right there at the zoo or a falconry so you can get up close. It was likely quite far away and so some details like sharpness will really depend on the OPs equipment. If he had a 400mm f/2.8 lens, I'd say these should definitely be better. But if he had a 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 lens, these are probably about as good as one could reasonably expect. They are well exposed, have decent focus and composition...and they also have baby osprey! :lmao:

OP: Nice shots. Haven't seen any baby Osprey here yet, either, but they should be coming along any day now.
sm4him, I guess anyone can see lack of sharpness on some key details of the first image, for example. Perhaps circular polarizer may help with the general contrast for these shots. So photo gear is impotant, isn't it?
And regarding your remark about zoo/falconry/wild nature/tooling - we are talking here about photos and not about excuses, right? ;)
Thanks for the comments, good and bad. I appreciate all of it. I can only get better. Maybe I should start a flicker account because the quality in pictures here really goes down when I post my pictures. If anyone has a solution to that problem please let me know.

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