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Mar 4, 2012
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Garstang, UK
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This is my first attempt at taking pics of a baby bump..... What do you think? What can I do better?

The bump is my sister in law and the little girl is my 6 month old daughter.


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Excellent images.... the image with flower is outstanding....

and i have no words to express the feeling rendered by your baby hearing her future friend's murmering :thumbsup:
Thanks frequency. I'm struggling for other poses/ideas for the bump to be honest? Any ideas?
These are lovley,
Eventually this is the kind of stuff i would like to be doing, along with babies and children.
Also i was reading a post the other day on this site about baby/pregnancy portraits and someone recomended checking out a site on facebook called glow. with great reviews.
I went over and took a look and i have to say her photos are fantastic.
Might be worth a look hun for some other pregnancy pose ideas, she has loads on there.
lisa ;)
Very Sweet... I especially like the second image. But I don't much like #4- removing the black background also removes the feeling of intimacy which is so appealing about the others.
Selective color does not work 99% of the time. It's a painfully over-used process that people just will not let die.

That being said, congrats on making the 1% where it works (in my opinion anyways). I am sure they will love these images.
You not only created lovely images but beautiful memories that will be shared by all in the many years to come for you and your loved ones. They will be cherished always I am sure. Very lovely work, you should be proud.
Thank you all for your kind comments. I am really pleased with them especially for a first attempt. Just can't wait for wife to get pregnant again so we can have some of these pics for ourselves!

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