Back at the ranch 1958


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Feb 16, 2016
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Euless, Texas
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This was taken at my wife's family ranch. They raised some fine Brahma stock. My old Colt was for snakes and Coyotes.
Neat photo. Love the mix of old and new...the old building far left with rough-hewn log supports, and the shiny, new-fangled metal corral! My family started in the cattle business in the 1850' out in the 1990's...always LOVE to see photos that have any of the following:hay,hay bales, tractors, cattle, cows*** on the ground, corrugated siding or roofing, barns, pole barns, loafing sheds, oak trees, creeks, watering troughs, gates, posts, barbed wire, cattle chutes, herds, heifers, cow-calf pairs, bulls, feeder calves, yearlings,steers, cutting dogs, lariats, and sidearms! Thanks for posting. I just LOVE 1950's-era color slide images! Every color slide image of that time has this sort of moment frozen forever and un-altered feeling to it.
Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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