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Mar 1, 2007
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Beautiful crushed glass stone walkway leading up to the ranch in the second photo


This is the quiet little adobe home and windmill at the end of the path.


c&c wanted and welcome. i'm wondering what people think about the DOF on the first photo. I liked it, but am not too sure what others feel about it.
For the second photo, im wondering how you guys feel about the composition.
Nice DOF on the first one. Nice colors and tones on the second one.

I feel like on the first one, however, that the log is a bit distracting in the background. I think it'd be a great texture shot if you could get a shot of the glass that fills the frame and has a shallow DOF.
Great photos... I especially like the second one... there's a little bit of everything in it, yet its not too busy !

Nicely done!
plentygood- i actually got a shot like that, but the spot that was in focus was really patchy and didn't turn out that great, it could have been a great shot though. =(

lorielle99- the glass is crushed and tumbled to get rid of all the really jagged and sharp edges, i still wouldn't walk on it barefoot though.lol

thanks for all the comments guys!
#2 looks like a fairy tale, beautiful. I love the way you framed it. Did you play with the colors at all?
i upped the contrast and color saturation, didn't mess with the tones though.

Thanks for the kind words!
just outside of san antonio texas

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