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Nov 23, 2007
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The old Farmhouse. I love this place, everytime I go I enjoy myself so much..kinda creepy i know, but i like getting pictures of old buildings and stuff, like these. I shot these all last weekend but due to finals I haven't had time to edit all of 'em till now.

The funniest thing with this first one is the outlet. I didn't even notice it until afterwards..Shows my attention to detail while shooting :p. I just thought it was funny because the outlet is like perfectly preserved and the rest of the building is like falling apart.

2.Open Window

3.Home Sweet Home

Thanks guys.
P.s. the angle on the last one would be better..But my mom wouldn't let me go inside do to it kinda falling down. So i had to shoot it through a shattered window.
perfect location for a band shoot. nice shots.
Wow, I love the first one. And that outlet is an awesome touch! Great location.

Edit: I think it'd be a really great portrait opportunity if you had something interesting plugged into the outlet and had the subject using it, I know the outlet doesn't work or whatever, but with some really good post-processing you could pull it off. I'm not sure, like, maybe it's a idea HAHA. That outlet is just so sweet.
Brad - Thanks a lot! I want to do a bandshoot there except i can't go inside, nor could i allow anyone to go inside. If i took a shot of the outside of the house you would realize the floors are falling in and the roofs are falling down. Too dangerous. But in the summer i could do one outside :)

Trenton - Haha that is a pretty cool idea. I might try that sometime. Thanks

I appreciate all of your comments.

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