backdrops; can anyone help me identify the material on this backdrop


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Jan 7, 2009
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Miami, FL
Hello All,
I hope I am posting in the right place.
Can anyone help me identify what is the material(velvet, satin, etc) used for backdrop on this picture?

Flickr Photo Download: backdrop

Velvet, the black hole of backdrops. Silly expensive but the best for backdrops next to a custom painted muslin backdrop.

You can tell it is velvet by the part on the floor and how it looks when the light hits it.
I have a velvet backdrop and it doesn't pool like that. That pool's indicative of a thinner material. Maybe it's thinner than what I have, but definitely doesn't pool the same at all.
There are a few different thicknesses, and this looks like the very thin one. Of course anyone could be wrong but at my last studio session we had this and it looked identical.

I thought I would enjoy shooting on black velvet, and it was ok... I suppose I expected more, or perhaps the stuff I used was very thin and perhaps the cheap stuff.
Whatever's in that photo, it's way too thin to be real velvet. It's also reflecting much more light than velvet tends to.

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