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Oct 21, 2004
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Southwest Virginia
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Hello all. I am starting to get more requests for studio style portraits, and thus, it's about time to look into a real background support system instead of my PVC one. Anyone have a recommendation for one? I was looking at this one, but it only goes to 9' wide. Don't most muslins and BG run at 10' wide?

or this one:
I've got THIS ONE, or something very similar. It's pretty good and I like that it packs up nicely into the travel bag.
I have this one
I bought it from them as well. the legs on this thing are built like a ox. it will hold 12' wide backgrounds and will go over 12' tall so this thin can set up huge or it can go as small as about 4' x 4' . the biggest down fall is the pack down length is around 4' and 6" around so other then the four foot it is really good. Photoflex also has a pretty good web page with some decent pics and explanations on each individual pice you may also want to check it out as well
Happy hunting there are a ton of choices

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