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    My studio has been closed for a year and I cleaned out my storage this week and have a couple of things left over. You are welcome to come pick things up if you are in the Augusta, GA area, if not email me your address and I'll get back to you with the shipping cost.

    If interested please email

    Xerox Phaser 8400
    I got in on the free Xerox color printer program and I used it for 3 years. The program is done so there are no minimum printing or reports to fax in. I used this to print off contact sheets. I have 4 black inks and 2 magenta inks extra as well. If someone would be willing to pay $75 for the extra ink I have left over (its actually about $150 worth of ink), you can have the printer for free. However, you must come and pick it up in the Augusta, GA area.

    Hand Painted Scenic Background - 10x12 - $80
    Used in a professional studio setting for our Limited Edition "Fairy" portraits. This was custom painted for me and is very high quality and very thick.We put down a dark colored floor and covered with real moss to give it a really realistic look to it.This is an abstract, soft forest scene.

    Amvona 10x12 Muslin Background. - $50

    Bogen Background rollers, set of 3. - $60
    This is a 3 roller Bogen sytem for paper backdrops. This includes everything seen pictured for holding 3 backgrounds including the rollers, 3 weights and 3 chains of different colors. You will need to purchase your own background brackets.

    Photography Business DVD Collection - $100 for all of them.
    This collection of DVD's are professionally made DVD's designed for professional photographers. This is OVER $700 worth of DVDs sold from Photo Vision Video as well as other successful photographers. Included is the following:

    Successful Business Strategies - 8 hours on 4 DVDs. It's not what you sell, it's how you sell that counts. Customers buy on emotion and justify with facts. It's never about price, it's about perception. It's about creating an experience for your clients so positive they keep coming back for more. Learn successful selling strategies and skills from photographer and marketing expert, Kathleen Hawkins. Hear actual client phone inquiries, understand the objection, discover the art of selling, see live wedding consultations, and receive 30 valuable resource tools on the included CD. Retails for $149.

    Marketing & Management for the Portrait and Wedding Photographer - This 2 DVD set features leading photographers sharing their proven marketing ideas and management skills. It's designed to improve your business and increase your sales. Take Your Business To New Heights -- Create Exciting Promotions -- Price For Profit -- Increase Your Cash Flow -- Maximize Your Marketing Dollars -- Successfully Manage Your Studio Retails for $69.

    Michael Redford Complete DVD Business Collection including:

    The Forms CD (retails for $150) - All the forms the Redford Photography Utilizes each year to generate over one million dollars from portraits
    The Art of Attracting Great Family & Children Clients (retails for $95)
    The Art of Photographing Children (retails for $95)
    The Art of Photographing Families (retails for $95)
    The Art of Selling Children & Family Portraits (retails for $95)


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