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May 15, 2003
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Brantford, Ontario
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I'm planning on heading through Europe in a few months and I was wondering if anyone had an suggestions as far as places to visit. I'm planning on visiting Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece (this is all tentative mind you.)
If anyone has any experiences that they'd care to share with me I'd appreciate it. If there are any locals I should visit, which would provide some excellent photographic opportunities then I'd love to hear about them.
i dont have any advice except that you WILL go to Ireland, and you WILL take beautiful pictures. I absolutely love ireland. way back when, thats where my ancestors came from. good luck!

Yes Im with MD!
Ireland is fabulous and the photographs you will take will be unreal.
Blarney Castle in Cork is great for those eerie, misty, falling down building type shots hehe
Dublin is fabulous for the colours of the buildings-pubs etc
ACtually all the little fishing villages are great for that also as many of them have these greatly coloured houses upon the hills around the water. I went to one called Kinsale outside of Cork and it was gorgeous!

Mmmm...Italy, you cannot go wrong. That country and its cities was made to be photographed.
The artworks of Rome, the canals of Venice, the domes of Florence. I have just put up a pic I took in Florence in the Gallery forum. You must go to the same spot! Ponte Vecchio(a bridge) in Firenze is heaven for photographers!

Enjoy yourself, Europe is fabulous! :thumbsup:
manda said:
Yes Im with MD!
Ireland is fabulous and the photographs you will take will be unreal.

good call my friend,...good call.

Go to Norway. Its really expensive, but worth it. Check out the Lofoten Islands up north...most beautiful place Ive ever been.
In Scotland you must visit the Cairngorm mountain ranges, absolutely stunning. In England you are also spoilt for choice but you can't go wrong with the lake District. I haven't been there for about six years and it's only about 120 miles from where I live. <makes mental note to visit soon>. Have a good trip. :wink:
Thanks for the info. I've decided to postpone my trip. Most likely until the new year. It will give me time to save more money, which will allow me to jet over to Austrailia to visit friends and relatives once I'm done in Europe.

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