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Backyard bird photography?


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Dec 8, 2015
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Sorry about all the questions guys but..
I have a fair big garden I guess, but the overview of it isn't great. To take photos i open the window and have a lets say a 'gap' to look out of on my left and right, The left gap overlooks my bird table where some birds come and the right gap just overlooks the fence slightly. However some birds land on the garage roof which is bang in the middle of the window. So by the time i've stretched round the corner (gap) they've gone. How do you or any other photographers work around this and if it means just photographing in the garden how can I do this without the birds flying off etc. I dont have TOO much money for one of them hides right now.

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You are lucky to have a nice bird friendly backyard.
I only have one view, so I just have to open the back door.
If I were you ... i would avoid taking pictures of birds sitting on a roof, I like images where the back/foreground appears to be a nature environment.

... oh, and welcome to the forum.
I sit right out in the yard within 20ft of the feeders. It takes very little time for the birds to get used to your presence. Sit quietly and be patient.
Welcome to the forum!

Bird photography is also a waiting game. You just gotta be patient.

You can try taking a decent log..I don't know maybe 3-4 feet tall. Cut both ends so they are flat and stick it in a 5 gallon bucket and fill it full of sand or cement it if you want. Then at the other end, carve out a hole and fill it with bird seed. Then place it around the garden with a non distracting background and wait. You can even add a perch to it if you want.

If you build it, they will come. Lol.
bird blind + food
Feed them everyday and watch. When they became familiar with you, you can take photos.
Yep, get some seeds, set in a chair about 15-20 feet away and be pretty still, they will come. When they do and you need to move move slowly. There is a berry tree I lime to visit, I walk over and the birds fly away, I set down next to the tree and be still. In a few minutes they come back, after they don't think I am a threat I can even stand up and move around near the tree as long as I move nice and slow and they don't care. If I move quickly they'll fly off.

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