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Mini Orchard Shaping up


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Nov 27, 2011
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St. Louis
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Spent yesterday afternoon pushing the mower over at one of our mini orchard lots. It's finally starting to shape up and I grabbed a snap with my little G7.

Back story: A couple years after I retired (2012) my wife and I took advantage of a city program where the city leased vacant lots for $1 to use as gardens. We selected two city owned lots (side by side) that we figured no one would buy and went to work planting fruit trees. Four years in we were harvesting hundreds of pounds of peaches and plums and having a great time and then someone came along and bought the lots out from under us. To this day they've done nothing with them and left them to become overgrown.

We were sad for the loss but decided to try again and began watching for lots we could purchase. It took awhile but three years ago we bought the first lot and two & half years ago this lot in the photo below. Some of the trees you see are now in their 2nd year. All told there are 20 trees on this lot and 13 on the other. In addition this lot has some shrubs (Aronia & Elderberry). The trees are plum, pluot, peach, cherry, and apricot.

We have been extraordinarily fortunate with this lot and the neighbors we acquired. John (house on your left) and Matt and Lori (house on your right) are very supportive and in deed both John and Matt help with some of the maintenance. Matt set up a hose hook up so we could get water. Enrique for the first season mowed the lot for us with his riding mower until we got trees in the ground. Look on the left near John's fence and you can see the beehive. Candy and Joe on the corner have beehives in their yard and when my wife and I met Candy we all three simultaneously said, it would be great to have a beehive to go with the fruit trees. Candy was looking for a place to expand and we got a beehive. Tommy on the other corner is a mechanic and handyman of sorts and has lots of tools including a chain saw and has helped with some of the brush at the back of the lot. Next year we should start to get our first fruit harvests.

Love the story, good luck with your endeavors...!
That's great what everyone is doing.

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