Banana with legs :P


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Apr 10, 2010
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Hairy banana :D with 8 legs!

Not sure of the ID. Cyphalonotus sp. or Poltys sp.?

I thought it was some dead flower stalk when i saw it. Luckily it moved (weaving web)

IMG_8464 copy by Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK), on Flickr

IMG_8506 copy by Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK), on Flickr

Amazing camouflage!

IMG_8433 copy by Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK), on Flickr

Compare it to a real stalk

IMG_8710 copy by Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK), on Flickr

IMG_8442 copy by Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK), on Flickr

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That is just so wrong! I may never eat a banana again. Thanks Kurt!

That being said, the last one is awesome. Half showgirl-- half freak of nature.
wow.. unusual specimen! Thanks for sharing! That is pretty cool!
I was not expecting that...
Great work and thanks for sharing. Never seen anything like that before.
WOW! Last one is the best. I am so glad I don't live where you do.... Wyoming just got better. :mrgreen:
Im getting the heeby geebies lol cool photos. Thanks for sharing
that has to be one of the coolest bug I have seen great photos to the last I would hang on my wall.
Oh man, I hate that exists except for one reason - which is too look at pictures that you take of it.

Stellar as always, thank you for sharing your work. It's awesome.

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