Banned IP Address - Admin response please!!


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Jul 8, 2005
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Since Monday morning (PST), I have been having an intermittant issue where, when I click on a forum link, I'm taken to a page that says my IP address has been banned. This only happens at work, not at home and has never ocurred before. I have filled in the 'Contact Administrator' form at least a half-dozen times and so far no one has contacted me, and the problem continues to occur and seems to be getting worse. Is it really asking to much for a simple response within 48 hours?????? If there is an issue, I think I have the right to be told what it is and why, and how long it will take to correct. Ignoring people is NOT going to keep them coming back.
Clearly you were banned at work because you're just a regular old "Clark Kent". When you're out of work, and you've had a chance to get on your home computer in your superhero outfit... Well, that's when you're in your prime. ;)
I'd say you got yerself a 'rolling' IP address, and on occasion you're logged in through a banned address.
I'd say you got yerself a 'rolling' IP address, and on occasion you're logged in through a banned address.
I'd guess that that is the likely cause.

Can you reset/change your IP on that machine?
If not, can you let us know the IP number, so we can check it out?
it's your work, not the site. Do this: In the address bar put an "S" after the "HTTP" and watch what happens ;)
I have no control over the IP address at from my work computer. It's a federal government network, and is locked down very tightly, in fact, I can't even directly access my own IP address. I do know however that it's not a rolling/dynamic address, and using a secure protocol resulted in a 404 error. Thanks to Overread and others who have assisted and offered suggestions. While it's really no more than an annoyance, what bothers me most is that despite many reports sent through the "Contact admin" link, NO ONE has contacted me... someone suggested they thought that link pointed to a non-monitored e-mail address. This is EXACTLY why have not renewed my support this year. TPTB at TPF HQ simply do not care about the members. Three and a half days without a response? That's not slow service, that's NO SERVICE.

I'll stumble through it... not happily though!

Oh, and Scuba... it's only Wednesday, I showered on Saturday, I should be fine! :p
A LITTLE F***N' HELP HERE PLEASE!!! Okay; five days and NOT ONE WORD from the admin staff on this issue? This is getting to be more than an annoyance. Will someone please tell me how I contact the administrators? Clearly they can't be bothered to actually do their job and contact me, despite repeated requests.
Cool, thanks Sparky - in all my years, I've never noticed that list. PMs sent.

Edit: and... that was a total waste of time. PM bounced back with "Member not found". Apparently they're too good to deal with the mere likes of me.

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