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Aug 18, 2005
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I posted this once before in the general gallery. I kind of like this picture, but I know there are ways that I can improve it. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


i would like to see it in b&w & sepia too... maybe if colour a little adjustment in PS to bring out the barn a bit more?? levels, curves, contrast?? i'm still learning...just an idea xx
Here we go again. Please READ here to see how you should go about posting in the Critique Gallery.
If you know there are ways you can improve it, as you state, then you should have some idea as to what you think they are and be able to write a little more about what exactly you think the problem with your image is and what specific areas you want help with.
As it stands it's going back to the General Gallery.
I think if this is what you like then i'm not going to be of much help....My thoughts are that it looks to flat and I probably would of shot further from the side....but I don't think this is what you where after. I'm not keen on the building in relation to the sky just doesn't look right and think if you maybe lie on your back looking up the full length of the building, you could still get that much sky in but feel it would give a whole different look and a lot more depth. I just think it needs something a little different or unusual, rather than shooting straight on like that.
Just my thoughts though.
I agree there seem to be no main subject, you need to think of this shot more a long the lines of an abstract, try it off center and give it an odd rotation, you may need to re-shot to get different angles.


To me it seems that if this was what you were going for, i.e. just the colours, lines, very balanced frame, maybe the texture of the timber and red colour on it, then you are where you wanted to be. There is nothing to make this any better.

Though I must admit that Jeff's ideas really help to make it more of an interesting picture to look at. As it is, I personally find it a bit boring.
The only thing I can think of is to add a sun burst and frame. there is really not much to do with this image.
Thank you much Philip.
been there and done that with roof tops. Not much can be done with them.
I started with the sunburst on the right side, but that was to common.
I am just trying to give some ideas.
personally i quite like jeffs second edit..... if there was more sky...... maybe you could replace it. If i had taken the original i would have included more sky to get a better balence and also saturated the blue more. I also think the texture of the barn could be bought out a little more...... but i dont think this is a 'bad' shot. I'm not a big fan of effects in photos so imo i wouldn't be tempted to use any here.

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