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Feb 15, 2006
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I am using a Nikon 18-70 lens and at 18mm it has quick a bit of distortion as can be seen by this picture. How can I fix this using Photoshop CS? or is it even possible?
do you have CS2? there is a filter for this

Buildings 'lean in' any time you point a camera upward. It's a perfectly normal effect. It is corrected by using a 'tilt and swing' camera or by simply tilting the easel while enlarging [and stopping down big time.]

The effect in the picture is exacerbated by the extremely short focus lens setting employed.
simple solution, no CS required:
if you use a wideangle, use it because you like the effect, it's a fact of life, and adds drama.
if you don't like it, take a few steps back with a medium focal length like 40 mm or so, there shouldnt be much distortion at 40 mm, and it's noticably wider than 50.
wideangles were designed to go hand in hand with distorted images, otherwise you'd just use a massive lens or take a few steps back.

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