Selective Colouring problem.


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Nov 26, 2005
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so i've been trying to selective color recently. and i've run into some problems. what i do, it to select the portion i want to leave colored, inverse selection, then grayscale. yet it always grayscales the whole picture. so then i tried selecting the color portion and cutting it from the picture. grayscaling the remains, and then pasting it back in. but it gets grayscaled then too. what am i doing wrong?
You need to use layers... or desaturate, not grayscale. Grayscale is a mode - which means it applies to the entire file. Desaturate takes the color out of the selected portion. (this is for photoshop btw)

Bethany exposed your problem. It looks like you use gimp. I've never used it, so I can only speculate on how to do this. Whatever method you choose for making your photo black and white, it must be an effect on the photo, and not a mode, and it must be on a seperate layer. In photoshop you have adjustment layers, like the channel mixer, and that's what I'd use, but in Gimp, I have no idea. Your safest bet is to duplicate the background layer and "desaturate" it. If you can add a mask to the layer do so, other wise, use the eraser tool and carefully erase the parts that you want in color.
I assume you want a black and white picture but with some colour in selected areas. If this is the case (this instuction is for photoshop but I imagine other programs are simular) I just desaturate the photo and then using the History brush just brush over the areas that you want to be in colour.--Lenny

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