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Sep 22, 2010
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I can greatly reduce the filesize of an image using Picasa 'send to email.' However, is there a 'sort of' comparable, automatic way of reducing an image's size without sticking the image in an email using Infranview or a similar application (I've looked through Infranview and did not see such an option and didn't get a response posting to their forum).


Do you have any other photo/image software? Most cameras come with something.

There are two main things you can do to reduce an image's file size. The first is to reduce the actual size of the image (in pixels). For example, right from the camera, an image might be 3000 x 2000 pixels...but for screen viewing, you only need 800x600 pixels. So if you resize it (save it as a copy), it will be much smaller.

The next thing is to compress the image. JPEG is a compression type of file, so when you save an image as a JPEG, most programs will give you the option of selecting the compression (quality) level. You can often reduce the quality (increase compression) quite a bit before it becomes visible in the image, and this will further reduce the file size.

I would think that you can do both these things with Irfanview. I don't have it on this computer, so I can't take a look at it right now, sorry,

You might also try GIMP.
Thanks for the info--

I'll check infranview more carefully with your instructions plus I'm downloading gimp. I'll be back if a problem.

Thanks again,

I tried Resizer and you're totally correct regarding ease of use!

I gave the software a dir containing 7 images ranging in size from ~600 kb to ~2,300 kb and did a batch 'convert.' The files were in .jpg format with the same format for output. Not knowing what I'm doing, I did not set any options or advanced options. The result was only a small kb reduction in filesize, depending upon the initial filesize, of 10 to 20%--I was hoping for something on the order of 60 to 70%.

Which of the various options should I look to for dramatic reductions in filesize given the above?

Btw, I know the camera will do some of this stuff but my wife is generally using the camera and I'm getting the pics after she's downloaded them to computer. Maintaining peace in the family dictates me fixing this stuff afterward ;-).
I downloaded and tried GIMP and see what you mean about that great Save copy filesize slidebar. I didn't have much time yesterday to do much with either GIMP or Resizer but will do over the next few days and probably be back.

Great suggestions from both of your guys!

Two questions. You mentioned .jpeg as a compression standard. Is the .jpg extension that I'm using functionally equivalent? GIMP 'floats' chunks of the program out and about whereas Infranview keeps everything within the confines of main menu bar. From the POV of someone who knows zip about this stuff, the floaters are intimidating. What is the underlying reason for the application to use one design vs. the other?

With Fastone's Resizer I usually under the "Settings" set the quality for about 8-9 and under "Advanced Options" resize the image to about 800 pixels on the longest side. For emails and posting on the web this size seems to work best for me. I just played around with a file and one that was initially 6.8mb, the above settings got it down to 59k. It's easy to change the parameters, so playing with it until you get what you want doesn't take a lot of time.

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