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Aug 19, 2010
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So, I am currently using a Elinchom BX 500 Flash system, and I have a photoshoot this weekend where I have been requested to do a photoshoot on location with my kit, the only problem is I can't get my hands on a external battery that I can hook up my kit to so that I can shoot at night. The question, has anyone ever hooked up their kit to a car and run off of that battery? or is that severely stupid and should not be even attempted? You're thoughts would be so helpful, please let me know!
Unless I'm mistaken that is a 115v (or 230v), 60 hz, AC light.

A car battery is only 12v and is DC (no hz).

They make inverters that can change the 12v DC, to 115v AC. Just be sure to get one that produces a pure 60 hz sine wave or you run the risk of frying your light.

Toronto must have camera stores that can provide what you need.

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