Battleship. The way it's meant to be played. (writing)

Discussion in 'The Creative Corner' started by jadin, Nov 22, 2004.

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    Putting politics into Battleship sure makes it interesting. Perhaps even making it all too real...

    Player 1: Who starts?
    Player 2: I do. I presume you to have weapons of mass destruction, and I premptively strike you at B6.

    Player 1: That's a miss. I send a small boat filled with explosives to G3.
    Player 2: That's a hit. I attack A10.

    Player 1: That's a hit.
    Player 2: I use "shock and awe" and attack A5-A10, A10-E10, and everything in between.

    Player 1: Well you sunk my tiniest ship. But missed everything else.
    Player 2: I don't care which ship, we don't do body counts.

    Player 2: I land a jet on my aircraft carrier and declare "Mission Accomplished!"
    Player 1: Isn't that a little premature?

    Player 2: Of course not. My ministry of information declares major combat over.
    Player 1: Whatever, we still got a long way to go. I attack G4.

    Player 2: 'Nother hit.
    Player 1: Not a sink though?

    Player 2: Nope. My spies reveal to me that you have forces located at...
    Player 1: Hey! No peeking in the reflection. I execute your spies.

    Player 2: They were on your submarine.
    Player 1: Gah. I just executed one of my own men on the battleship then.

    Player 1: There. Now he's dead.
    Player 2: Muhahah! I had no spies. You killed your own soldiers!

    Player 1: You little...
    Player 2: I attack A9 with depleted uranium shells. The whole boat sinks with the one hit.

    Player 1: Have you no morals?
    Player 2: We'll do whatever it takes to make you free.

    Player 1: Isn't that ironic. Your occupation stirs up thousands of gurilla soldiers who want to fight back. Suicide bombers attack F5, I7, and A9 simotaneously.
    Player 2: That's a hit.

    Player 1: A sink?
    Player 2: Well it is, but my ministry of information doesn't announce it.

    Player 1: Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's still a sink.

    Anyway the game was cut short so no winner could be declared. It's just too bad that our game of battleship represented something with much more serious consequences.

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    Wow Jadin, I really like this. Great work.
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    ^^ Ditto. Great work. :)

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