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beach photo


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Feb 10, 2009
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so my girlfriend really liked this photo i took of her and i would love to get someone else's opinion and see what you all think. this was taken down at the cape in p town. let me know. thanks!

photoshopped, just added contrast to it

tell me what you guys think! thanks!
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My opinion is that it is a nice photo, but lacks contrast. About 5-10 minutes of editing could really make it pop. If I wasn't leaving from work in 1 minute then I'd do a quick edit for you. I like the composition though.
yeah thats what i was thinking. maybe make the sky a little darker? anything else?
Maybe add a little saturation to her, since she has a lot of color on...
wouldnt saturation make her really dark?

anyone else know of anything to help improve this shot?
Well as for the original exposure, I would have under-exposed a couple stops. A lot of times in bright situations like this, the average zone 5 that your camera sets the exposure to will make your shot look washed out with little contrast. If you are unsure about how much you should over/under expose, I would reccommend studying zone systems a little bit.

Zone system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This should help a little.

I usually don't go through all the steps anymore and I kind of wing it (accurately enough) but it's good to do when you're first starting to use the technique. As you eventually get a feel for the correct exposure setting for different situations, you won't have to use the spot metering as much.
thank you

No problem. I know it doesn't help much with this particular shot but for future shots it will. If you have any further questions I would be happy to clear anything up for you (if I even can :p)
haha ok i will for sure
I think the framing of the shot is great...I also think you could punch the contrast up just a little for more of a dynamic affect.

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