Beach shots

I like #5 the best, look real good. The 1st the boy is dark, 3rd one has the boy shadow which I don't like. 4th one is cute and perfect lighting and exposure.
The fifth one is the only one that really strikes me. I like the contrast a lot.
The images are ok, but i think you should continue to practice. Personally i found nothing interesting in these images. Work on composition a tad more as well as exposure :thumbup:
Just need some practice in moving from a "snapshot" to a "photograph". Honestly, the best way to do that, imho, is to view hunreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of photographs to see what works and what doesnt.
Thanks for replying, but what exactly about these pictures do you consider traits of a "snapshot" and what are the traits of a "photograph"? I'd rather get comments on composition and exposure as opposed to over-arching statements of snapshots=bad, photographs=good. I think that's the best way for me to improve ;)
I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will point it out to me, but I think the term snapshot means that the picture looks like you just pointed the camera and took the shot with no real photographic goal in mind other than to capture someone or something. As far as your pictures, I like the last one. I would concentrate on composition. Take your time and frame your shot in a way that makes the subject or scene interesting. It's very hard to do when you are dealing with members of your own family because they are so important to you. They always tell YOU a story but they don't always relay the same emotions to someone else. I'm guilty of this too. I have millions of pics of my kids and I love them all. lol Just keep at it. You will get better. Cute kids! Thanks for sharing!
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