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    I don't post photos much but I am undecided whether or not this is an effective photo...

    One of the many wonderful works of architectural art at Princeton University. This was a difficult photo to figure out exposure as the passage way was very dark and a lot of light was pouring in at the entrance. Above all, I wanted to capture the rough cold textures on the wall and how they offset the well manicured ceilings. After a few shots, I realized that human aspect seems to be missing. I guess that's the influence street photography has left on me. I noted my settings and returned an hour later. My luck, a tour group was in the atrium and more students were walking about between classes.


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    I see what you mean, this must have been a toughie to expose. I might have been tempted to try exposing for the outside instead (courtyard area?), and then used the dodge tool to bring out the highlights and details of the passageway ceiling and walls in post processing. Not 100% sure it would have worked but it would be worth a try.

    It certainly looks like an interesting piece of architecture. I'm the same as you, i do like the human element in a photograph (a big fan of Street photography myself).

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