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Aug 14, 2007
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Windsor, Ontario
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So my class got to work with this young lady, and she was very fun and energetic...didn't stop smiling once. She was great to work to ease myself into more formal style shoot. Though we did keep it pretty relaxed because there were a few people shooting at the same time.

Either way it was great fun and I hope you like my images.











I really like how 10 turned was intentional just so you know...but for some reason the angle, the light, everything...I liked it a lot.

comments, criticism, critiques...gimme all you got.

ahh...somehow messed up watermarking oh well.
I see what you were going for, but they seem so dark, that I have to squint and look closely to figure out what she is doing/etc in some of the, most noticeably the candlelight ones.

What kind of lighting did you use?
I'm not sure what your instructor was thinking in positioning the model there, but one of the most common problems that beginners in studio portraiture have is positioning the subject too close to the background, which causes all of its gritty detail to show. Moving the subject further away from the background also allows you more control in exposure differences between the subject and background. I'm sure that was out of your control here-- just food for thought.

As for the shots themselves, I find your focusing tends to be generally concentrated on the nearest body part. You should be focusing on the eyes. Everything else is secondary. You can stop down or reposition the model to bring just the parts you like in or out of focus, but never forget about the eyes.

I also agree with Doobs that they do tend to be a little dark.
Simply beautiful. I hve seen these pics on your flickr few moments ago. Really amazing face.
beautiful girl and beautiful shots. i like the candle ones the first ones a little dark but i feel the others are perfect. #6 might have looked a bit better if she was looking around the camera instead of off to the right but very good job
1 and 7 nailed it for me. She is very beatiful
She wasn't THAT close to the background...perhaps a bit of compression or something...but he didn't set up the scene entirely...she was basically listening to whatever we said.
And for the candle ones...I wanted to portay an "oh the power went out so I'm reading a book by candlelight" kinda feel. I wanted to capture what I saw for those ones.

Just to clarify..I kept them darker to keep from blowing out the highlights...
the background ones were shot using a fluorescent lighting system with a softbox...most of them had a silver reflector.

The hallway one was with my crappy "found in the closet" flash...

the candle was the only source of light in those ones.

Thanks for all the positive feedback..but a lot of it was because she was so easy to work with, and COMPLETELY photogenic.
I really like number 3. My only suggestion is to make it a little lighter if you can.

numbers 5 and 7 I really like her emotion and I really like number 10 how it is set up.

She is really pretty. I would love know her :)

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