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Jan 8, 2012
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East Texas
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Was leaving work yesterday evening and this beautiful oil mess next to my car in the parking lot caught my attention. The light was hitting it just right (in my untrained eye) so I threw my stuff in the car and took some photos. I'm sure people that saw me figured I was crazy.

My aperature setting was wrong.. wish I didn't have so much out of focus. Also wish I had seen this earlier in the day when the sun out a little more.

These were just for fun -- my first time to take photos of oil! C&C welcome though. :)

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I'm digging the current DoF. More would probably have more technically correct, but what's currently in focus are the color sections and I like that. I think the clear puddles would be a distraction to the overall picture. Nice work.

I agree with FireRescue FL. I like the current depth of focus. It gives the other oil specks a nice soft edge. Excellent perspective! The second one is my favorite.
Thanks! I like the second one best as well though the first has more color.

And thanks for the dof comment. That makes me feel better. ;)
Any other comments or suggestions on the dof? If I see these puddles again his week I might try to get the at different angles or time of day.
I think this is the wrong forum. I don't think just for fun is meant for critique.
I posted here because technically it was for fun. I have never attempted a shot like this before. I have seen c&c go on in this section before.., besides, even if I didn't ask I would probably would still receive it-- so I figured there was no harm in letting people know c&c was ok.

Also, I am one that thinks the other "C" is for comment. :)

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