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Jul 2, 2010
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Here are a few I shot this morning. Any thoughts?



C&C per req:

1. A very nice image. A couple of thoughts for potential improvement: Crop some of the sky off to avoid the half-way division of land and sky, and perhaps try and recover some of the detail in the treed area. I would suggest if you can, try to reshoot this, using a couple of stops of graduated neutral density filter to reduce the dynamic range. I would clone out that little bit of rock bottom left, and also, don't forget to level your images.

2. An interesting composition, albeit with a somewhat yellow/green cast, but I don't really see any main subject. If there had been a bird on the water framed by the two upright pilings it would have worked wonderfully, but as-is, it appears to be missing something.

3. Another nice, quiet tranquil scene. No doubt about it, you've captured the golden hour. Comments, here essentially as per one; G-ND needed and image leans heavily down to the left.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Here's #1 unedited in color. Tell me which you prefer!

really nice shots in the first one there is just a little to much sky i probably would have croped it just slightly and i like both the b&w and the color one. They each have their own awesomeness
I agree about cropping out some of the sky. I personally like the colored version of number 1. If you have the golden light use it.
The unedited version of #1 reminded me of home. I love it!!

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