Been getting into bird photos, here are a few.


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Oct 30, 2012
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Ruidoso, NM
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So when I got my camera I wanted to do a lot of different things with it. Turns out I'm a bird nut and didn't even know about it. I have been addicted to bird photos for months now. I just got a Tamron SP DI USD 70-300 mm a few months ago and even though I love it, I want more reach! Here are some that I have taken from the last few months. Critique is appreciated. You can see how I have begun to learn how to use my camera. I included some not-so-good ones in here with some that I am kinda proud of. Thanks!
1 $IMG_6290.JPG2$IMG_6249.JPG3$IMG_8047.JPG4$IMG_7761.JPG5$IMG_3301 (2).JPG6$IMG_7646.JPG7$IMG_7644.JPG8$IMG_1020.JPG9$IMG_1042.JPG10$IMG_1058.JPG
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Very nice set you have here, your addiction is paying off with some very nice captures of birds, really like 8,9 and 10
It would be very helpful, and possibly garner you more comments, if you try to limit the number of photos in a single thread, put some space between each photo and number them.
(EDIT: I see now that they ARE numbered, but they're so close together, I completely missed the numbers.)

If you've only been shooting birds for a few months, I'd say these are quite good. I think 8 & 9 are the best of the lot. 6 and 7 are well exposed, but I wish the bird was closer and filled more of the frame.

#5: THAT ain't no bird, that's a bat! :lol:
Thanks for the replies! It means a lot. Yes, I threw these pics on and didn't edit them in a way so that they could be easily looked at, but I will not do that again. Thanks for the input, and truthfully, I do not know how the bat got on there. I do biology work, so I have pictures from all kinds of critters and I guess I got some swapped by accident.

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