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Nov 24, 2017
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Greetings, I'm Sloth. I am planning on investing in a Nikon soon (looking at 5--- models, please help me narrow it down, have a thread asking for help in the beginner forum about it lol) and was wondering what is the best lens for me? I'm new, just getting into photography, building my first kit. My goal is to shoot concerts/artists, stills and eventually video too. What lens (to start off) would give me the best quality pictures inside small venues (probably low lighting) for a low budget?
I'm sort of on a low budget (around 200 or less), maybe around 7-800 for both camera and lens? Should I start with a 35 1.8? I've done some research but I'm still pretty new. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: if anybody knows of any Cyber Monday deals on the Nikons or the lenses, feel free to share the links and help a newbie out! Thanks again.
If you can find a D5500 2 lens package during the holidays sales within your budget. I would jump on it. The kit lenses are not bad for someone starting out. The 2 of them togehter gives you a very good coverage range.
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Vr would be very beneficial on that longer lens alright
Okay thank you. So with those 2 I would be set for starting out taking pictures of concerts/artist performing/some basic scenery? No need for any other lenses?
Those two lenses cover a lot.

However, I'd recommend if you do buy these that you'll figure out a focal length that suits you for events and concerts etc. You'll probably find you'll end up wanting a single length fast prime lens that will work well in lower light, something like a 35mm f1.8 or a 50mm f1.8 or similar
I would go with a Nikon D3400 or D5xxx with a 35mm or 50mm f/1.8 and 18-105 or 18-140 zoom lens.

I have a D7200 with 18-140, and that one lens meets about 95+% of what I need. So I save on buying additional lenses. Although as a camera guy, I had to buy additional lenses :chuncky:

The 18-55 kit lens is somewhat short in range and probably needs to be complemented by a longer lens, or replaced with a longer range zoom (like the 18-140). The "problem" with most 2-lens kits is that the longer lens is usually NOT a VR (Vibration Reduction) lens. This is to make the cost of the 2-lens kit as low as possible. But, IMHO, you WANT the long lens to be a VR lens, cuz that is where you need it more.

The f/1.8 lens would be for LOW light venues. Then you have to decide 35mm (normal lens on a DX body) or 50mm (short tele on a DX body).
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