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Jun 24, 2013
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Hello everybody my names Norma
I'm wanting to start my own photography business... Taking children's pictures.. Outdoors is my favorite ...And I need help choosing a camera and books that might help me understand photography better....I've always loved the art of photography... And now I have the opportunity to actually pursue this dream But I need help I don't know what to start... In advance I would like to thank you for your help :hail:
You need to take some basic business classes and some basic photography classes and then revisit this idea after that.
Ummm... if you don't know where to start, it's probably not time to start.

Also, what's your work look like at this point?
You should! It is so easy... just buy a camera, and open a business! Everybody does it... no knowledge or experience needed! You will be making millions in just a week or two...

Oh.. and I would suggest a Nikon D4... good entry level camera! Or maybe a Canon XTi... Might be too advanced though.. (can't ever keep those straight!)
I'm currently writing a book on how to write books about starting businesses while daytrading.
You didn't use the P word, so you're obviously not ready.
Seriously? My threads get locked down and here we go again with another one. I think this was on my sarcastic list.

I'm suppose to add a smiley face now, but haven't got a spare one.
Sorry to be so crass-sounding, Norma, but not knowing what camera to buy and in the same breath indicate you want to start a business taking pictures is akin to not knowing what car you want to buy but you want to enter the Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day race!

For starters, those that start a business typically know the underlying activity fairly well to begin with. One doesn't open a restaurant without knowing very well how to cook what they plan to put on the menu. And that's only the starting point. What about renting space? advertising? employees? and, of absolute NOT last but not least...the IRS?

Did I mention a business plan? While going out and taking pictures of kids sounds fun and exciting, what about the money end? Just your time alone should be worth $20 or more, then add in cost of trainsportation, post processing (eg, Photoshop or whatever), printing, delivery, GETTING the money, and it goes on and on. If you're thinking 10 shots of someones' children for $20, you won't even pay the cost of YOUR gas, paper, and ink!

I'd like to quit my day job and take pictures of nothing but dandelions and sell them on the internet! But who'd buy 'em? And how much to charge? Those are two VERY BIG issues in ANY business!
Ok sounds like the business can be worked on in the future ....what camera would you recommend for me to star and just take pictures of my baby =)

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