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Apr 29, 2006
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Hey guys it would be awesome if you can give me any helpful advice. Okay i've just decided that I wanted to go professional in photography. I know there will be a lot i mean a lot of work involved but i enjoy taking pictures. the problem is i have no clue where to start camera? college? job? What kind of camera should i purchase for being a beginner? i do know that i want a digital professional camera. so i can see the picture. any advice would be perfect. how do i start my so called path to my career. i heard you have to have a good portfoilio. do you just go out take awesome pictures put it in a book and show them to anyone who might want to hire you? how do i develop my own pictures because i'll have a slr? is there a difference? right now i have a digital kodax camera with 5mp. that's about it. i know a bit embarassing. any stores or internet sites i should go to purchase camera? should i get used? how do i get started in the wedding photography business? i know this is a lot to answer but anything again would be awesome. Thanks guys:heart:
Start with a course in Photography and see if you like it first. This will teach you most of the basics of photography - composition, capturing and processing an image etc.

When you've got a professional qualification, look around at local wedding photographers and see if you can get an apprenticeship working with an established professional.

Once you've done a lot of weddings working for a professional, you'll have an idea what is involved. Then you can think about approaching friends family and the church and getting some wedding gigs of your own.

^ i agree with rob, you can also kind of start during the course by submitting your best images to online stock libraries...
"Rob" is right on. Attempt to get a job working for a "Professional" Don't worry about the wages, you just need the experience. Offer to help out at weekends or whatever you can to be around a good photographer. You will learn from them what is needed to become a photographer. Philip.
For starters i dont think you can just say.. hey i wanna be a pro-photographer. You have to have an eye, a talent. Like saying you want to be a professional piano player, it takes ethier a lot of time ( years ) or a talent. Now i think you should buy an entry level digital slr, see if you like it and see if you can make photos that you think one day can be worked into what an be sold to clients. It is very hard to be a photographer full time. Good luck, and like the others said, take some classes, and it will teach you the techincals but no one can teach you to have a good artistic eye. So start to see things like lines and light in a way that can be captured with a camera. :) Again good luck :):):thumbup:
Best case senario you are a great photographer already. Have a good eye, all the right equipment, you can still go bankrupt. Professional photography isnt just shooting the picture. It is a lot of just plain boring business stuff to.

Most really good photographers are lousy businessmen. Most good businessmen know they can make more money selling gasoline. But hey I did if for a lot of years and I knew all that going in. Either I am an idiot or it isn't quite as bad as I said. Please no comments on my mental health.

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